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About Almas and his portfolio

Updated 07/03/2017.

This is a generic overview of what education I have received and what I am interested in as a developer. For more details please refer to the CV at the bottom of this page.


My academic background and overall experience consist of:

Area % of overall experience
Software Development 40
Game Development 30
Computer Science 20
Mathematics 10

Having finished school, I have studied English as a second language (third considering bilingualism). Thereafter, I took a foundation course in IT and applied for a BSc in Computer Games, which I have completed with First Class Honours. Currently I am halfway through my PhD in the area of data visualization. My research project is focused on grouped networks, i.e. data items that have relationships between each other and can also belong to multiple groups. The project draws on knowledge from the following areas:

Interests & Activities

In my spare time I like learning about new technologies and writing software. My open-source projects are available on .

One of my notable projects is FXGL. It is a game development framework that is primarily aimed at academic projects. The framework does not require any extra setup steps or installation. This makes the library suitable for the academic environment, e.g. schools, colleges, universities. In addition, FXGL integrates with many game development tools and provides a wide range of techniques used in the industry. Hence, the framework can be used to aid teaching of game development courses.

When I am not developing software, I deliver lectures and tutorials in Computer Science and Game Development at college and university levels. I also run an educational YouTube channel, available at . The channel mainly covers technologies related to the Java programming language. It also features a collection of game development tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced levels.


Are you a potential employer? Check out the latest version of my CV.