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Updated 26/09/2021.

I am a Senior Lecturer and Computing and Games Lead at Brighton University and a big fan of open-source software. In my spare time, I run an educational YouTube channel focusing on Java, JavaFX, Kotlin, C++, as well as game development tutorials using Unity and Unreal Engine. My open-source projects are available from GitHub.

This is an overview of what projects I am interested in for supervision (both undergraduate and postgraduate).

Supervision (Degree Project)

The projects I am interested in will typically result in a software product. If you are producing a website, a 3D model or some other type of product, it is likely that my colleagues can contribute more in terms of supervision, so please consider contacting them first.

The degree project combines both development and academic writing skills. An outstanding project typically identifies a problem in the area and solves it in a unique, more effective and/or original way. An outstanding project will also have a very specific focus of topic (e.g. behaviour trees, rather than Game AI, which is very broad) and a clear aim.

A poor project typically tries to do everything, without clear goals. An example of a poor project is one that develops an app or a game for the sake of developing it, or a project that reimplements a well-known algorithm without major changes.

As your supervisor, I will offer both technical support and academic guidance. Furthermore, I will proofread and provide feedback on your report. It is likely that the student and I will meet on a weekly basis to ensure progress is being made. In return, I expect a potential student to be enthusiastic about their project and punctual when it comes to completing assigned work, which may have several tight deadlines.

There are limits to how many students I can supervise in an academic year, so please email me as soon as you have a basic proposal.

Supervision (Masters and PhD)

I am particularly interested in supervising implementation-driven projects, i.e. where a large portion of research requires turning theory into practice. The main challenges in these types of projects are developing theory and overcoming obstacles that arise when bringing this new theory to life in a piece of software.

Project topics of interest:

If you would like to do a PhD under my supervision, feel free to drop me an email. University Contact Details.


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